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Providing Freight & Warehousing Factoring Services Since 1958:

NO hold backs on any invoices and NO minimum requirements. Also, NO monthly minimum on submissions.

With over 60 years of experience, there is a reason why carriers choose TCE for factoring services.

Allow TCE to show you how freight factoring services should be handled to meet your  needs.

Warehouse Shelves

Warehouse Factoring:

Factor your company's warehousing invoices to further your cash flow growth.

Our Rates are Second-to-None with Superior Customer Service:

TCE provides freight and warehouse factoring services for all of our member carriers at the lowest rate in the transportation industry, being less than 2.00%. In addition to that, factoring in your dividend check at the end of the fiscal year, that rate can be even closer to 1%! We also can assist with the hassle of collecting bills/invoices. All you have to do is upload all your invoices using our easy, 24/7 access, online portal database and receive your funds instantly to fuel card or  in your bank account the next day. Why wait 30, 60, or even 90 days to get paid? TCE can help you establish your cash flow to grow your business and further support your goals to success. Moreover, members can receive a yearly dividend for their patronage which is an additional savings.

Nobody Likes The Bill Collector:

Of all the functions the Clearinghouse performs for your company - none is more important than our role as bill collections. The vast majority of shippers do pay their bills within 60 days, only a small minority does not. However, even when dealing with these, our team of Credit Managers maintain a position of understanding and professionalism. We offer assistance on collecting bills to alleviate the headaches with customers.

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